Territorial Exclusive SEO

Guaranteed Territorial Exclusive SEO

We service one business per type per geographic area

Your business can be the only one of its type that we service in your local area. Part of our contract with each of our clients is territorial exclusivity. That means that whatever towns and cities they buy our services for are theirs solely for their type of business (plumber, electrician, dentist, etc.) We cannot offer our services to any of their local competitors in their industry. This gives all of our clients a tremendous competitive advantage. Here is how it works.

The Steps For Our Guaranteed Local SEO Process:

Step 1: Keyword Research

Guaranteed Local SEO does extensive research into each of our local business client’s industries in order to develop keyword lists that will help us reach their company’s entire online audience in Google and the other major search engines. We focus on the most commonly used keywords to ensure the most online traffic possible for our clients

Step 2: Double Site Framework Buildout (SEO your site and build a Double Rank Site)

How this works:

  1. You give us domain delegate access to transfer the A record of your website to our hosting platform.
  2. Your website is hosted on our servers, but your domain name remains under your control and ownership. Hosting costs are included in your basic Guaranteed Local SEO package pricing.
  3. We build out your website and a secondary website that we will provide. Each website will be unique, and we will also provide a vanity toll free phone number (as available) to use on the secondary website to push more business to your company through Google and elsewhere online. Incoming charges on the vanity toll free number will be included in your basic Guaranteed Local SEO package pricing. This secondary Double Rank Site and its domain shall remain the property of Guaranteed Local SEO and are yours to use exclusively for as long as you remain our client.

Step 3: Mobile Site Development

Because most local searches today are done from mobile phones, it is imperative that your mobile site is both simple and highly functional as a sales and marketing tool. The mobile site versions we provide our clients look almost like an app. This is be included in your basic Guaranteed Local SEO package pricing.

Step 4: Strategic Metadata Development

Guaranteed Local SEO uses a strategic development pattern for building Metadata, such as page Title tags and page Meta Description tags. This has been proven effective for ranking all of our client’s websites towards the top of page 1 of Google and other search major engines.

Step 5: Strategic Content Development

Content is king. We hear this all the time. However, if your website does not have the right structure to its content, and the right keyword density and keyword layering, then your content will only be a fraction as effective as it could otherwise be. Guaranteed Local SEO provides several types of content for each of our client’s websites that are strategically created to maximize ranking power. This is all a part of our proprietary Double Rank SEO Technology.

Step 6: Strategic Content Hyperlinking

Guaranteed Local SEO utilizes, as part of its proprietary Double Rank SEO Technology, a hyperlinking algorithm or process that has been proven effective by our team for years.

Step 7: RankBrain Compliance Check

Googles’ search engine algorithm sees everything through its RankBrain. This technology helps Google better interpret the connection between words. Relevancy is key. Our compliance check will make sure that your website’s content has a flow of words with a high relevancy connection to ensure optimal results in Google.

Step 8: Strategic Indexing

Indexing your website’s pages is a key part of getting Google to determine your website’s worthiness to be on page 1 of its search results. Guaranteed Local SEO uses an indexing pattern to ensure optimal results for our client’s website rankings.

Step 9: Create A Social Media Brand Awareness Campaign

Guaranteed Local SEO utilizes organic social media posting as a part of its Local SEO process; even though strategic content development is the main driver of its amazing page 1 organic results. We will do the following:

1. Design a significant amount of social media posts to use for weekday daily posting in 4 different platforms. We recommend Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

2. Post these social media posts daily (Monday-Friday) to both build brand awareness in the local social media community, and to also create high PR uncompromisable backlinks to your website to enhance your business’s positioning as an authority deserving top of page 1 organic positioning.

Step 10: Citation Building

Guaranteed Local SEO utilizes a large network of credible directories and other websites that are all high PR sites recognized by Google as authority websites. This network of websites was discovered and is recommended by someone that used to work at Google.

Step 11: Strategic Content Additions

  1. Each month at least 5000 words of our strategic proprietary SEO content is added to your company’s website and linked according to our Double Rank SEO algorithm.
  2. Fresh Content us added to our Double Rank marketing website to ensure that it stays ranked on page one right along side of your company’s website.

Step 12: Check Rankings and show before and after results

Guaranteed Local SEO will show you the evidence of the power of our technology. When you first sign up with us, we will send you a keyword rank report to show you where your company’s website ranks in Google. Then, after 90 days you will get another keyword rank report to show you the amazing difference.

Step 13: Continue monitoring your website keeping it compliant with Google SEO standards

Google can make unannounced changes to its algorithms. We stay on the cutting edge of this to ensure that your company’s website stays ranked on page 1.

Step 14: Continue monitoring your industry for any new keywords potential clients may use

Once you decide to become a Guaranteed Local SEO client you will have a limited territorial exclusivity for life if you want it. So long as you are our client, we cannot service any business of your type in the geographic areas (hubs) that you secure. That is Guaranteed!

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