The following is an overview of the services of Guaranteed Local SEO

Guaranteed Local SEO provides unique Local SEO services that create double page 1 organic rankings in Google and the other search engines for our clients in less than 90 days. We have a proprietary technology called Double Rank SEO. Please see our Territorial Exclusive SEO page for all 14 steps involved in our SEO process.

Our Guaranteed Local SEO Services Include:

  1. Territorial Exclusive SEO

Guaranteed Local SEO provides a written territorial exclusivity guarantee to each of its clients. When your business signs on with us your company will be the only one of its category or type of business to have access to our services for the geographic areas that your business secures. That is; the cities and towns that you choose to rank organically on page 1 of Google for. Your company will also rank in the other search engines on page 1; such as Yahoo and Bing.

  1. Guaranteed Page 1 Organic Google Rankings (Double Rank SEO)

When you contract the services of Guaranteed Local SEO for your company another written guarantee is that your company will rank on page 1 of Google twice in the organic rankings for the most valuable (highly searched) keywords. See our Guarantees Page for more information.

  1. Website Conversion Optimization

Your business’s website is way more than just an online business card. Your business’s website is the public face of your business on the internet, and it can also be one of the biggest client generation mechanisms that your company has. Our website conversion optimization services, which are an included part of all our Guaranteed Local SEO packages, will make your business’s website more effective for ranking in the search engines. Just as important, it will also make your website a better client conversion tool. That means that a higher percentage of your company’s website visits will turn in to leads and new clients than ever before.

  1. Mobile Website Optimization

Most internet searches are now done on mobile phones. Guaranteed Local SEO creates a new mobile version of your website that will be highly effective at creating client conversions, while simultaneously working well for SEO. Our mobile websites load fast and are always highly effective for converting visits to leads and new clients. Many of our clients say that our mobile websites even have the look and feel of an app.

  1. Social Media Brand Awareness

Guaranteed Local SEO will make strategic posts for your business’s social media pages and will post them 5 days per week. This will build online brand awareness on the social media platforms with potential new local clients. It will also provide quality, high PR backlinks that you will never have to worry about a Google algorithm change devaluing or making a factor that will decrease rankings. This service is included in each of our Local SEO packages.

Guaranteed Local SEO offers our services to one business or professional per category or type of business per geographic area. To find out if our services are still available for your business or professional practice contact us today.

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