Double Rank SEO Technology


Guaranteed Local SEO uses its proprietary Double Rank SEO Technology on all of it’s client’s websites, as well as on the Double Rank duplicate websites that it builds.

It’s called Double Rank SEO because it generates and sustains double page 1 organic rankings which gives your business a serious online competitive edge. There are approximately 10 organic rankings on page 1 of Google. Google gets over 92% of the online searches. The top 5 of those page one rankings are the most valuable.

Approximately 55% to 67% of all the clicks in Google belong to the first 5 organic rankings. The top 3 rankings on page 1 of Google get most of that web traffic and subsequently, most of the online business. With Guaranteed Local SEO’s Double Rank SEO technology your company will eventually have 40% of the top 5 Google organic rankings for the majority of the most commonly used keywords that your clients use to find your company’s services and products online.


The result of your company having territorial exclusive use of the Guaranteed Local SEO Double Rank SEO Technology will be double page one rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This of course will result in more business as well as a long lasting online competitive edge in Google.

Double page rank is a Google ranking that is calculated on two pages of the same website. It’s a way for Google to measure how authoritative the site is and how relevant it is to the user’s search. We at Guaranteed Local SEO are not looking to get your existing site ranked twice. That can be very difficult to maintain. Our idea of “Double page rank” is to have 2 separate websites marketing your local company from the top 5 page 1 organic rankings. This way your business has 40% of the most valuable page 1 space for those keywords that will be most often used to find your company by new clients.

Double Page 1 Rankings are now becoming an important factor in SEO. They are also used by marketers as an indicator of whether a website has been successful in attracting links from other websites or not.

A lot of factors go into ranking on the first page of google, but the most important one is having a site that is optimized for search engine crawlers. Guaranteed Local SEO uses Double Rank SEO technology to ensure page 1 organic rankings, not once, but twice for most of the most important keywords that your local clients will search for.

A recent study by Google found that the top three reasons people use search engines are to find information, to do research, and to compare prices. Your business needs to be visible in these searches if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

The first impression a potential customer has of your business is through your website and the content on it. Higher rankings can help you get on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). This is because Google’s ranking algorithm takes into account how many links point back to your site and how “fresh” those links are. It also factors in the quality of your website’s content, which includes things like readability, keyword usage, and page loading time.


Guaranteed Local SEO clients all have two separate websites ranking on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing for the same valuable keywords. This double page one ranking strategy, utilizing two separate websites being used as online marketing tools, is highly effective at increasing local business’s revenue from online leads.

Our clients end up with way more website visits then their local competitors, and this also develops and strengthens their online brand.

Territorial exclusivity is a part of what our clients receive when they contract us for our Guaranteed Local SEO services. When your business gets access to Double Rank SEO Technology it will be the only business of its type to be able to access those services for the local areas (towns and cities) that your company buys the rights to. If you do not see any of your local competitors ranking twice in page on of Google that likely means that you can still have access to this amazing Local SEO Technology which will give your business a powerful online competitive edge.

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